Charutar Vidya Mandal has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Gujarat represented by Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC).

The MOU envisages activities like

  • Training/Stipendship in corporate houses
  • Visits by students/teacher to corporate houses.
  • Benefit from various services rendered by Charutar Vidya Mnadal.
  • Establishing linkages with business and industrial organizations in foreign countries

Academic Collaboration Between SEMCOM and Georgia Southwestern State University, USA

Today's socio-economic environment is undergoing a tremendous change. The significant feature of this change lies in its alarming rapidity. Since the whole world is emerging as a global village, the change is influencing mankind across the globe in various ways. This has necessitated a change in lifestyle, business, education, and other ways of life. Thus cultural diversities are increasing on one hand, while the need for unity in diversity is being recognized on the other, particularly in the light of the global village. This paradox calls for appreciation of various cultures, not like a melting pot, but like a tapestry. The only medium for such harmonization lies in multicultural education, the ultimate aim of education being to foster humanity and understanding. In order to create learning opportunities at the global level, SEMCOM has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Georgia Southwestern State University, USA. The collaboration is synergistic in nature in such a way that students will have an opportunity to remain in pace with the changing times in pursuit of their academic goals.


  • To incorporate international experience in teaching.
  • To gain familiarity with the international environment.
  • To develop a perspective for multicultural education.
  • To develop, design and adopt new courses suitable to emerging needs.
  • To explore the possibility of joint research in the area of business.
  • To provide students’ opportunities for higher studies at the international level.
  • To enable the students to enjoy Opportunities for meaningful interaction with international students, thereby developing a sense of appreciation and understanding for cultural diversity.


  • Cultural Exchange Program
  • Collaborative Research & Publication
  • Sharing of Resources
  • Integration of E-Business with MS Program
  • Faculty Exchange Programs
  • Joint Seminars and Workshops.
  • Academic Collaboration with Georgia Southwestern State University, USA for Master of E-Business Program.

The details are as follows :

  • Students will undergo four-semester course work of Master of E-Business at SEMCOM.
  • Students will have an option to undertake two-semester studies at Georgia Southwestern State University after the completion of four-semester coursework at SEMCOM.
  • Students will undergo Industry Internship Program in USA i.e. last semester at Georgia Southwestern State University or Course Work.
  • Students will get TWO Master's degrees- Masters of E-Business from Sardar Patel University and MS in Computer Science with a specialization in Computer Information Systems from Georgia Southwestern State University, USA.
  • One Semester course work at Georgia Southwestern University includes the following Curriculum:
  • Information Storage & Retrieval
  • Distributed Web Applications
  • Inter networking Architecture & Protocols
  • Advanced Software Engineering
  • Advanced Database Design

MOU Between SEMCOM and Elitecore Company Ltd., Ahmedabad

In order to promote excellence in the area of Network and Security education, there has been an initiative between two parties - SEMCOM ( A Charutar Vidya Mandal Institution), Vallabh Vidyanagar and Elitecore Company Ltd., Ahmedabad to collaborate in the field of Information Technology education.
The prime objective of MoU is to strengthen the interface between Industry and Academia so as to enhance the quality of education in the discipline of Computer Networks and Network Security which has become an important component of E-Business as well as Information Technology Management.

Areas of Collaboration:

  • Network and Security education
  • Internships and Placement
  • Projects and Field Studies
  • Seminars and Workshops
  • Faculty Training