1. Advanced Diploma in Global Business (SEMCOM Students Only)
2. Diploma Programs / Certificate Courses (Any Student After 12th)
3. Non Credit Add-on Courses (SEMCOM Students Only)

This is a first-ever initiative in the entire country where a college takes into consideration the active participation of students in the various curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for awarding Advanced Diploma in Global Business.

The entire program encompasses academic enrichment through workshops, seminars and reviews as well as experiential learning through activities, tours and internships. The “Inside-out” erudition creates synergy in the outcome of learning, thereby, enhances quality of education. This is an opportunity for the students who are pursuing their undergraduate as well as postgraduate degree programs in any discipline like Commerce, Management, Computer Applications, Information Technology Management and E-Business to get the benefit of their active participation in the various activities of the college for obtaining an Advanced Diploma in Global Business. A very innovative approach for learning and academic reward thereof is followed to spigot the students’ potential for their personal development in order to make them competitive at the global level.

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1. Diploma in Social Media Marketing
Now we are in such a world where everything is possible on the touch of fingers. Social Media Marketing has become a universal trend to be connected online with others. Then how’s the businesses’ and organizations’ connection with customers can be questioned? This diploma course is for those who want to learn more on or to advance their career prospects in the social media marketing.This course includes fundamentals of marketing, tools for social media marketing, social media marketing cycle, etc.

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2. Diploma in Network Security
The purpose of Diploma in Network Security Course is to provide a solid understanding of the main issues related to security in modern networked computer systems. This diploma course is designed to assist in simulating the practical experience portion of the knowledge base of Network Security. Together in a well-balanced curriculum it provides a foundation for understanding basic Network Security concepts and skills.

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3. Diploma in Computer-based Accounting
Diploma in Computer-based Accounting offers you a platform to gain knowledge on basic concepts of accounting and accounting cycle, commercial documents, computerized accounting, and accounting enterprise resource planning. It is also providing practical learning of accounting process with tally.

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4. Diploma in Business Idea Generation and Development
In this course, students will be trained for the skills of Creative Thinking & Idea Toying, Idea Feasibility, Functional Integration, Financial Understanding, Preparing a Business Plan.

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Following FREE Add-on Courses are designed to Improve proficiency of Students in English Language and Communication Skills, Computer, and Mathematics.

English Enrichment

To Improve proficiency in English Language and Communication Skills, a non-credit English Enrichment Course having the following components is run for the first year and second year students of B.Com, BBA and BCA.

  • Written Expression
  • Spoken English
  • Vocabulary & Language Games
  • Correct Usage
  • Reading & Listening skills

Computer Competency

  1. Office Package
    • Word Processing Application
    • Spreadsheet Application
    • Presentation Application
  2. Web Designing
    • Introduction to HTML,DHTML
    • Introduction to Database & Database Concepts
    • Introduction to Programming
    • Program Design Technique
    • FoxPro Programming
    • Project based Assignments
    • Introduction to RDBMS
    • Introduction to WIN 95 / NT
    • Oracle Server
    • Database Administration Concepts
    • Programming using Visual Basic Project

Mathematics Enrichment

  • Use of literal symbols and signs of mathematical operations
  • Brackets their meaning and use of elementary processes
  • Problems and equations, addition,subtraction, multiplication of algebraic expressions.
  • Simple equations and problems,simultaneous equations and their solutions
  • Powers and indices
  • Law of indices, real numbers, equalities and inequalities.
  • Polynomials, general form of polynomial, division of polynomial.Division of polynomials
  • Logarithms and Antilogarithms
  • Graph of an expression or a function
  • Application of graphs